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Health Insurance is allows you access to quality health care, while reimbursing providers (doctors, labs, specialist, etc.) for medical services. Most people in California, who are employed, will obtain insurance via their employer. This type of health insurance is called "group" insurance and no-one person can be refused coverage or have exclusions applied due to a pre-existing health condition. Once you have group insurance, it cannot be cancelled if you become ill.

Unfortunately though, almost 1 in 5 people in the state of California have no health insurance coverage. Some states offer a universal health care coverage to help resident's that do not have health insurance coverage or can not afford it. However, the current California State run programs do not provide such health care coverage for California residents.

If you fall within certain strict financial guidelines set by the State of California, you may qualify for MediCal. Medical is California's Medicaid type Program. This policy differs from Medicare, and pays for specific expenses due to skilled nursing facilities, doctor and hospital bills that Medicare may not pay. California's MediCal Program is California's version of the Medicaid Program and is funded jointly by the state and federal governments. Although California's MediCal recipients often receive Medicare as well, the California MediCal program is not the same as Medicare insurance benefits. MediCal provides additional (although restrictions apply) health insurance coverage for the residents of California. To find out more about California's MediCal Program, go to

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